Community Projects

“Planet Earth Needs Our Help” has been invited to, and participated in, many local community events, venues, and exhibitions since 2015:

“Planet Earth Needs Our Help” also presented the storybook (as gifts) to HRH King Charles, David Attenborough and The Prince and Princess of Wales. I have received encouraging, personal replies from all of these amazing Eco-Warriors!

Over the years, parents, individual adults, teachers, and school governors have suggested that I offer this as a school resource.

Since January 2016 I have contacted  DEED (Development and Environment Education in Dorset) and several local schools, gaining feedback on the resource. I am now ready for the next stage of the journey… have copies of the “Planet Earth Needs Our Help” story available as a free resource for local Primary Schools and organisations in the BCP and Dorset Council areas, by Spring 2020. I aim to complement and support their Climate Emergency Declarations in the BCP  and in Dorset.