“Planet Earth Needs Our Help”

………. is a not-for-profit project, founded and run by me on a voluntary basis.

The aims of this project are to encourage a love of books, reading, writing, and creativity in children and to raise awareness around the well-being of Planet Earth and its inhabitants. I want to encourage children, families, schools and communities to find creative ways to adopt helpful habits and lifestyle changes.

I intend to offer my “Planet Earth Needs Our Help” storybook as a free resource to Primary Schools. I shall also continue developing this website as a free resource for all, with additional stories and resources linked to the book and the science behind it.

If you would like to support me on my journey, your donation will enable me to provide free books for Primary Schools, libraries and at community events, and to maintain the website – just use the button below.

You can also participate in this journey by making a pledge to take at least one action to help Planet Earth and its inhabitants. Just share your pledge to take action here.

Thank you for being a friend of Planet Earth. Marylyn.

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