About the book

Annie and Tilly go on an adventure with a fairy friend of

Planet Earth.

This book illustrates an important issue for our planet today, presented in a lively, colourful and constructive way.

“Planet Earth Needs Our Help” began life as my contribution to an art exhibition in October 2015, intended as a legacy for my children and grandchildren. The response from the exhibition inspired me to self-publish this book, which draws on my own curiosity and desire to find out more about our planet, my connections with people who are knowledgeable about climate change, and my experience as an author, artist, well-being practitioner and teacher of infant/juniors.

A book was born and…the journey began for “Planet Earth Needs Our Help!”

Since 2015 I have continued researching and learning about Climate Change and Planet Earth (including its inhabitants!). There is so much more to discover and to learn – I had just touched the tip of the ice berg! The story has taken on a life of its own, growing from an embryonic collection of words and images, into a community project that is reaching out to children, families, organisations and primary schools.

Since October 2015, the story “Planet Earth Needs Our Help” has developed into a creative resource, with:

It also has its own developing website with;

A message of HOPE not FEAR

“Planet Earth Needs Our Help” offers a message of HOPE not fear. It is important (and urgent) to reach out to all people (young and old) to help them access the facts, and the science behind, climate change. We need to help keep climate change high on the agenda, both personally and politically, in a useful, sustainable, compassionate and non-threatening way: at the same time, accepting the truth and the urgency behind the scientific evidence.

“Planet Earth Needs Our Help” is a creative project, designed to serve as a springboard (through the art of story-telling and a love of books) to;

  • raise awareness,
  • encourage and to enable individuals to notice their own behaviours, thoughts and attitudes towards lifestyle habits;
  • have an impact by inspiring helpful actions and making relevant changes;
  • improve anxiety management, health and well-being – including the health and well-being of our environments, communities and planet as a whole.

Caring matters.

As a species, I believe we have within us an amazing ability to not only survive, but to care. This instinct rises to the fore in times of danger or stress – especially when we find ourselves in a caring role.  Caring includes not only ourselves and others close to us, but also our community, environment, and our planet.  It helps to notice the anxieties and fears that come with this sense of danger and responsibility. Raising awareness and taking action can help change unhelpful habits, thought patterns and complacency that often lead us to avoidance: we avoid dealing with the causes of the anxiety by inaction, distraction, ignoring it or running away. Sometimes it can help to “hug” our illusionary monsters – to move from the virtual world of thoughts and perceptions (including social media) to a sense of reality, present with ourselves, with others, and with our environment, in any given moment.

Noticing, accepting and changing our thoughts and actions from unhelpful to helpful is a healthy way forward. Not just for our own well-being, but also for that of our planet and fellow inhabitants.

ACT together now, in whatever helpful way we can, there is still hope, never give up!

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Stay Safe and Well,

Marylyn Cropley

Planet Earth Needs Our Help! An illustrated children’s book and activity resources.
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