Planet Earth Endorses The Earth Charter

“Planet Earth Needs Our Help” endorses The Earth Charter

“The importance of creating a sustainable world.”

“To establish a sound ethical foundation for the emerging global society”

The Earth Charter – 8 Principles: “Planet Earth Needs Our Help” embraces these principles.

  1. Life – Respecting and caring for all living things.
  2. Interconnected – Everything is connected to everything else.
  3. Family – Making sure everyone in human family is well treated.
  4. Past – Learn from people who have lived before you.
  5. Earth – Promise to take care of this earth.
  6. Peace – Live in peace – resolve conflicts in a non-violent way.
  7. Love – Truthful, kind, build trust.
  8. Future – Do what you can now to ensure that those in the future can live together in health, peace and harmony.

“To help make our earth a healthy, harmonious and peaceful home for everyone in the future”

The Earth Charter Initiative: A guide for using the Earth Charter in Education

(III-Themes & IV Education Goals)



Earth Charter/AroundTheWorld:

“Planet Earth Needs Our Help” and the United Nations Sustainable development Goals:

The “Planet Earth Needs Our Help” project links to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This project can be used as an educational resource & springboard to help raise awareness of & promote; some of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Goal – 1 – No poverty-free access to Education Resources

UN Goal – 3 – Good Health & wellbeing (Communication/CBT & Assertiveness skills)

UN Goal – 4 – Quality Education

UN Goal – 7 – Promotes affordable & clean energy

UN Goal – 11 – Promoting sustainable cities & communities.

UN Goal – 13- Climate Action

UN Goal – 14- Life below water

UN Goal – 15- Life on land

UN Goal – 17- Partnerships for the goals.