Submission Form for Earth Day 2021 Challenge to BCP Schools

Submission Form

Artwork should take the form of A3/A4 posters. These can include poems or short stories, as well as hand-drawn or computer-generated images. Larger works (eg. collages, banners) may be submitted by groups of students only. Please email the organiser in advance if you intend to submit a larger work.

All work should bear the first name only and age of the student or team members and the name of the School. Submission is free.

Copies of all work should be submitted by 10th November 2021 and uploaded as PDF, PNG, JPG or JPEG files via the form below…

You will be contacted if your work is selected for inclusion in the Exhibition.

Upload files

Here’s what you need to do

Find a responsible adult/teacher to help: register interest, fill in a submission form, find information and resources, keep safe, give their permission…..

  1. Imagine you are an Eco first aider from another planet. You respond to the SOS call from planet earth. For details download the PDF.
  2. Over the summer holidays, with help from family and friends, research the problems facing Planet Earth.
  3. Take your results, suggested solutions, artwork, sketches, and poster designs to school in September. Work together and have fun creating posters to submit to the SOS Exhibition in November, when COP 26 happens.
  4. Create as many posters as you want to show helpful actions that can be taken to keep planet earth and its inhabitants safe and well in this climate emergency. Choose a couple of your best ones that give a clear, fun and creative message.
  5. Submit these by 10th November 21.

Useful information:

  • Poster format: A4, A3, A2 on mount board, cardboard or canvas.
  • Posters should be art-based, visual, vibrant and positive. They can be images only, words only, or words & images.
  • Posters should offer creative solutions, and actions that can be taken now and in the future. These solutions can also help to manage the impact and anxieties around climate change.
  • Messages will be shared with family, friends, local community and leaders. They should inspire local people to take urgent actions, to change perceptions, behaviours, improve lifestyle and well-being. The focus should be on caring for ourselves whilst caring for our planet.
  • The posters must be submitted by 10th November 21, to be considered for inclusion in the Actions Speak Louder Exhibition at Upton Country Park between November 26 and 29.
  • A small selection panel will choose posters for the exhibition itself. Any posters not selected for the exhibition can still be showcased on your School website, with a link to my PE Earthday21 Event website.
  • There will be a private view on the Saturday 27th November, with an opportunity for those chosen to attend(COVID permitting), to read out any poems, short stories, articles they have written to accompany their posters and their journey as ECO first aiders.
  • A special YouTube Video is planned, after the exhibition, to promote the best work, and to maintain the momentum beyond COP26.
  • The “Planet Earth Needs Our Help” website will share your school’s website link on its Earth Day 21 gallery (linked to national and global Earth Day 21 Events) and with its wider network of contacts.

This local Earth Day event ends with the exhibition in November at the time of the Cop26 Climate Change Summit, but “turning ideas into actions” will continue!

I hope you will take part and enjoy the challenge! Explore, discover, learn and have fun!

Thank you for being a friend of Planet Earth.