Caring for Ourselves – Caring for our Planet 2024


“Planet Earth Needs Our Help” – 2024


“Caring for ourselves – Caring for our Planet.”

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While it is normal to be anxious about the state of our planet it isn’t always helpful. The issues of climate change and biodiversity loss are so important that we have to overcome feelings of helplessness, of being overwhelmed, tired and depressed! We need to channel this unhelpful energy into helpful actions.

Like most adults I know, I have spent 71 years of my life, listening to, caring about, and responding to others around me. In doing so, I have neglected my own wellbeing.  Now, I have arrived at a crossroads, where I need to stop, review, re-learn, reimagine: to develop new habits and lifestyle changes. I need to notice, listen and respond helpfully to my own body, mind, spirit. I need to take more notice of my immediate environment. Otherwise, it will be difficult for me to care authentically and sustainably about our planet, and to care for others with empathy, compassion and effective actions.

In 2024, therefore, “Planet Earth Needs Our Help” will embrace the theme Caring for ourselves – Caring for our Planet.

Like Annie and Tilly, we shall go back to the garden: to notice, observe and learn from the wonders of nature and our immediate environment. We shall take time to observe how nature cares for itself and others, despite the relentless, “self-destruct” path we often choose to take as humans. We need to learn from our mistakes, listen and respond to the frequent, urgent warnings from our beautiful plane. We need to work with and for future generations.

There is clear scientific evidence that our planet Earth is amazingly resilient and adaptable, despite all the abuse we inflict upon it. It will carry on doing what it does to survive, and sustain its inhabitants. At the same time, science provides compelling evidence that human behaviour is predominantly having a destructive impact on our environment. We are speeding up the natural processes of climate change faster than the many species can cope with. Across the planet our actions are forcing some species and ecosystems to extinction, and degrading many more. 

We need to stop, observe, and engage with our environment. We should wonder at its beauty and complexity, and remind ourselves of the precious, unique miracle that is our one and only planet Earth. Rather than take it for granted, we need to understand how the natural world benefits and sustains us, mentally, physically and spiritually. We must discover how we can change direction and live a healthier lifestyle. We need greater awareness of the “stuff” in our lives: the endless accumulation of clutter. We must also declutter our minds – find ways to eradicate unhelpful thoughts, useless memories, traumatic moments and other “stuff”. We need to find ways to see and do things differently.

Change starts from within; beliefs and habits are part of being human. The way we see things, the thoughts we have, and the things we do, can change – from unhelpful/useless to helpful/useful.  Marylyn

(See “Planet Earth Needs Our help” Project Plan for 2024)


So here’s a challenge to myself, and to anyone who cares to walk with me to;

  • Create new stories, take a journey of discovery and re-imaginings.
  • To ultimately find sustainable ways to care for ourselves, each other and our amazing planet earth.

“Can we go back to the garden now please?” asks Annie.

“Yes of course you can, just open your eyes”.

(From the children’s book “Planet Earth Needs Our Help” © MC 2015)